Tolls are taking their toll

Some of you may have read my boasting of being able to use the toll lanes at no charge. Well that shit has come to an end. I figure I saved THOUSANDS by their glitch so I am okay with starting to pay now. At least they aren’t going back 😉
I called when the June bill came and spoke with Lisa. She gave me my violator ID#, helped with billing questions and had no explanation as to why the statement period included days which have not happened yet.

Today I got a bill that did not match up with how Lisa explained it to me. This bill was for July and included May charges. The last statement had May charges. What’s up with the May charges? They don’t bill me for three fucking YEARS and now I cannot get out of continuous May charges. ARGH!

I called. You can imagine my surprise when Susan shared with me; that since it was my husband’s name on the account, she wouldn’t be able to share any information with me…without his permission. Yes that’s right…PERMISSION! Oh hell no!!! I shared with her that I was able to speak to Lisa last time.

Susan: Well mam’ I am sorry for the confusion, but we are not able to share account details with anyone other than the account holder.

Me: Can you transfer me to Lisa?

Susan: No. We have no way to transfer calls.

Me: Can I speak to a supervisor regarding the inconsistent enforcement of policies?

Susan: Sure. Let me transfer you.
Susan: Hello? Are you still there?

Me: Yes I am.

Susan: The supervisor is very busy right now. What is the best number to reach you at? I will have him call you.

Me: No. I have waited long enough for help. I would prefer to hold.

Susan: Okay. I will put you back on hold. If their line frees up, you will be the next caller.

Me: Great! Thanks.
Susan: Hello? Are you still there?

Me: Yes I am.

Susan: So like I said, we will need to have the account holders’ permission to help me.

Me: Alright. Well I just tracked him and it looks like he is about 2-3 miles away. We’ll just wait together until he gets here.

Susan: You want me to stay on the line until your husband gets there?

Me: Yes I do.

Susan: Well we don’t usually tie up the lines with…….

Me: I am not tying up the line. YOU are tying up the line by not being more like Lisa. Now we have to wait until my husband gets home.

Susan: Okay. I will put you on hold.

Me: Okay.
Supervisor: Hello. This is Robert. How can I help you?

I recapped the frustration and just then, hubz pulls up. I yelled to hurry! Good-to-Go needs your permission for what seems to be matters of national fucking security!!!!

Hubz added me to all of our accounts with the instructions that any/all communications needs to go through me. THEY do not have permission to speak to him! Hee hee hee it was pretty funny.

I posed my billing question. Robert struggled to explain the long and rigorous process they go through to get the details necessary to bill each driver; which at times is a manual process. These charges were most likely a case of the department of licensing delayed providing the registrations details, causing it to miss the correct billing cycle. Here is how he suggests I audit my future statements… I couldn’t make this shit up…..

I should keep a little notepad in my car. Every time I cross the bridge, I jot down the date and approximate time I crossed. He was not promoting distracted driving, by any means; just a way for me to keep track of when I crossed. That way, when I got the next bill I would be able to cross those off my list, and know what is still left to pay.

I just hung up.

It saddens me to think that those fucking idiots sit in that office, sending smoke signals containing billing information back and forth……making more than I do.

Fast and the Fabulous

I like to play a game with other cars on the road. Not a game they know is going on; but a great way to entertain myself during the car concert on a long drive.
Two rules….and they are simple.

1) You must drive just as you would normally without breaking too many laws. Like if you always drive about 5 miles over, you can still do that. Don’t race the dude at 80.
2) You cannot aggravate or frustrate the other driver in any way. If they want to speed, you must let them. Don’t be a dick and box them in.

Recently on a jaunt north there was a dark explorer who tried to pass me using the carpool lane (he was a legit carpool). In the collector distributor lane, my light happened to turn green in enough time to take the lead. And we were off.

I maneuvered perfectly from one freeway to another. Merged in a perfect scissor manner with my new friends and transitioned flawlessly into the express lanes. All while keeping an eye on the explorer to see how they were keeping up. They were creeping closer.

Unfortunately, I got stuck behind a CRX doing just under 60, and not enough room to get over; the explorer passed me. Game over…they won.

Only the game though. Jokes on them really. The toll lanes are at $8 this time of night. I ride this bitch for FREE! Happy 4th!!