Some People’s Children

This woman and her son tried to open our locked side door. It happens every once in a while, so it was no bother to anyone. Then she walked around the building (passing two other business entrances)and into our front office. Her son needed to use the restroom and she wondered if there was one around. Sure! and pointed her in the direction of the common area facilities. (Side note: Why is this child not in school?)

OBVIOUSLY, this was not a true emergency because the little ass hole was more interested in the candy dish then the toilet. He gave one of those Cheshire cat smiles while moving his eyes from the pile of candy to his mother. What was she going to say? It’s not her candy dish. I stared him down for a moment or two then smiled and said “go ahead.”

That bastard opened the most enormous hand I have ever seen on such a little person. I swear it had webbed fingers. He plunged it directly to the bottom of the bowl and tried to grab everything on his way up.

That’s when I spoke up. “I am sure your mother taught you not to be greedy. Let’s stick to one piece” And yes….I was smiling. I think they spotted the candy dish from the side door window and the pee pee dance was just a ploy to get to the goods.

Hope he wets his pants.