Is there a degree for demanding what’s right?

Cause I am going to earn one by the end of the summer, if I must deal with this piece of shit vendor.

During a $69K furniture install, it was discovered that two of the little pink folding chairs were damaged in shipment. This was a non-issue for me, as we had several of them on hand, so it wouldn’t affect the project in the least. I notified our representative, that there was no need to replace the damaged products; and requested a credit on the final bill.

The reply I received wasn’t what I was expecting. Rather than this being a simple request, they attempted to explain to me the usual and customary process with regards to contract furniture, and it did not include a refund. OH REALLY? I asked them to send me the document I signed stating I MUST accept every piece of furniture no matter what.

With communication being the main struggle for this entire corporate entity, I had to follow up with all four team members on the thread; and see where we were in the credit process. Since of course, they had no such document to provide as back up. They shared that they sent a picture of the damage to the manufacturer and wait for a resolution from them. I cannot believe that two little pink chairs can cause an entire team to be stumped as to how to handle it.

Today I received an unsolicited update. Once I picked myself up off the floor, I opened the email. This is what it said:

“I wanted to touch base with you regarding the chairs that were damaged during transit to you. In contract furniture, the normal procedure is to replace the damaged items rather than accepting a return. In an effort to provide the best service in a difficult situation we have approval for us to provide a 50% credit which totals $256.30.

Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or call Miss Baker the Vice President of New Business Development 867-5309 if you have any questions. “

Anyone who knows me, knows that I welcome any chance to chat with a VP.

REPLY ALL (the more people I get looped in the bigger the ruckus )

“Thank you for the update.

I am not comfortable with being charged anything.

I feel that it is worth making the following points:
This was a $69,417 project.
Since 2015 we have spent close to $50,000.00
We will be expanding throughout the entire second floor most likely be using your furniture.

The fact that you are not able to clear the charges for two small chairs, seems a little petty in my opinion.

Please provide me with the document I signed, stating I MUST take all product that has been ordered. *** this is my second request and I would like it to be acknowledged or completed*** “

A short time later, I received notice of a credit to our account.

When is graduation?

What’s all the fuss about?

Amazon does not work that great for me. I finally gave in and signed up for PRIME so that I could get all the perks that the rich people at Microsoft seem to have.

About 2 weeks ago, I sat at work and made a list of all the HABA items that I needed to run around and gather during lunch. After reviewing the list, I wondered how much of this could be taken care of with one visit to the cyber super store.

In 15 minutes, I had the dish brushes, fiber pills, face wipes, vitamin D and a bag of ZOTS in the virtual cart.

To date….I have received the dish brushes. You did notice that I placed the order two weeks, ago right? I am convinced that they were being brought here from Iraq via courier and they are stuck somewhere, due to the Orange Lords travel ban.

I saved about $2 on the face wipes and Amazon is the only place I have seen 10,000 IU vitamin D’s. Not worth the trouble. It would have been faster to run to Bartells.

Let’s recap:
• I was charged to participate in this Golden Privileged club known as PRIME.
• Everything I bought is manufactured in a third world country
• There is a reason that brick and mortar stores still exist & it is worth the extra dollars

You can poo poo me all you want and try to give pointers as to how to find goods and services that will make it here before Christmas. The point is, the program shouldn’t require training. I should be able to click and get. NOT click, send a money order, have a runner meet them at the border and pay them hourly for their trip here.

If it is this difficult to get a bottle of fucking fiber; Could you imagine if they made it this hard to get food stamps?

Epic Send off

Hubz works with an adorable team member (ATM) who has the lamest husband on the planet. Maybe lame is not the right word…oh I got it! Clueless unmotivated fence post (FP). That is a perfect description. I could give you a few examples but I am saving them for a new addition to my blog , coming soon.

She the FP live with his brother Sam. I don’t know Sam but I was invited to a BBQ in his honor. Now we are not going to rag on Sam, because Sam is not well. He is going to move back home to the hospital where he has always received treatment at for the next steps. What we are going to rag on is the epic sendoff that they planned in his honor.

It was mom, dad, FP, ATM and Sam. Along with ATM’s faithful sidekick and lesbian lover, Precious. Hubz and I join in the fun; and a few minutes later two more of ATM’s co-workers show up. So if you are keeping count…It is FP’s family, ATM, 4 of her co-workers and me. The goth twins showed up, told me what they do at work and proceeded to toss out shop talk conversation ideas. I want nothing and I mean NOTHING to do with this company. It just so happens hubz works there, so there is really no escaping it.

The goth twins left shortly after food was served. We waited another 20 minutes before standing up and trying to take off. That is when FP’s called for our attention. He reminded us why we were here and called for the man of the hour to come stand up with him.

He then proceeded to start crying rendering him unable to start or finish whatever he had to say. We sat there awkwardly watching some lumberjack form a sentence. He got out….. “we’ve been through so much man.” And “it just isn’t fair.” Sam said thanks and they hugged.

Complete with flannel, beards and work boots, the only thing we were missing was the overturned car slash grill and lawn chairs with holes for toilets. I need to be a lot more selective about RSVP’s moving forward.

Fast Friends and Drinking Partners

When you find a bar that you like to hang out in, you cannot help but make friends with the staff. They learn your drinks, you learn about them as you chat during slow times and you might even make some inside jokes. Or is that just me because I am ridiculously social?

Either way, Carol and I became fast friends. I gave her a beautiful Mother’s day gift because she had shared with me how tough things have been for her family and health wise. The gift cost me nothing and made her day. Which is the only reason I bring little treats to all the friends in my life. I want them to feel as special as I think they are.

I invited her to our candle party one weekend. She RSVP’d….then couldn’t make it because of traffic. I still made sure to save her a goody bag and delivered it to work the next time I was there.

She reached out to me via social media and shared that she really needed a girls night out. So much drama lately, she needed a good laugh. I invited her to one I was already attending (and she knew one or two of them) that weekend. She texted me that she wasn’t feeling well so she needed to cancel.

Last week we came up with the idea to go get pedi’s. She suggested a day or two down the road. I texted her the morning of and asked her what the plan was for the day. She replied around 2ish and said her rent check was due so she had no money to play.

Because I am me….I said “ya know…they can make you pay out the nose for somewhere to store your shit, but they cannot make you live with jacked up feet. My treat! Get your ass up here!” She accepted and said that she would throw on some jeans and be on her way. The plan was for me to go home, change into something that I wouldn’t wear to work and make us a couple of beverages for us to sip on while getting out toes twinkled. She was to call me when she was in the parking lot of my favorite salon.

She texted me that traffic was really bad and she wasn’t going to be able to make it. She suggested Wednesday or Thursday to try it again…..

Towel thrown in! No more chances! You are the weakest link BYE FELICIA! It is sad that I will never be back to my favorite watering hole.

Who’s Ready to Party?

I have planned the perfect summer BBQ for the company picnic. We’re going to a privately-owned lake resort that reminds me of the place Dirty Dancing was filmed. Like it was established in in the 60’s and now it is booked 24/7 by millennials planning a “retro” event.

Ordered enough park play toys to keep all the little ones occupied, adult beverages for the grown-ups and an on-site griller to keep everyone full and happy. With every communication (including the original invitation) I provided all the necessary details to the team. I provided parking instructions, details of how to find us once they arrive and included the link to the resorts website; for questions about amenities.

Today is the big day!

First thing this morning was from a MANAGER. She wondered if dogs were allowed. Extremely annoyed, I replied that I did not have time to call and find out. AND wondered if that was covered using the website link I sent. She replied that she would call the resort and find out…and no, it was not covered. I went straight to the website, snipped the TWO places it says no dogs or glass bottles or pets, and sent it to her. A MANAGER! This person is managing a team of people.

In the kitchen, along with the CEO and the CFO, one of the VP’s leans on the counter with his cup of coffee and says “so, what is there to do there?” I looked at him and said “I am very disappointed that, as a VP, you didn’t pay attention to a single communication I sent.” He said his wife was asking. As I left the kitchen, I told him to forward the link. This person manages a DEPARTMENT!

I changed into my bright orange dress and told anyone, come find me if you have questions….and they are $1 each.

Tolls are taking their toll

Some of you may have read my boasting of being able to use the toll lanes at no charge. Well that shit has come to an end. I figure I saved THOUSANDS by their glitch so I am okay with starting to pay now. At least they aren’t going back 😉
I called when the June bill came and spoke with Lisa. She gave me my violator ID#, helped with billing questions and had no explanation as to why the statement period included days which have not happened yet.

Today I got a bill that did not match up with how Lisa explained it to me. This bill was for July and included May charges. The last statement had May charges. What’s up with the May charges? They don’t bill me for three fucking YEARS and now I cannot get out of continuous May charges. ARGH!

I called. You can imagine my surprise when Susan shared with me; that since it was my husband’s name on the account, she wouldn’t be able to share any information with me…without his permission. Yes that’s right…PERMISSION! Oh hell no!!! I shared with her that I was able to speak to Lisa last time.

Susan: Well mam’ I am sorry for the confusion, but we are not able to share account details with anyone other than the account holder.

Me: Can you transfer me to Lisa?

Susan: No. We have no way to transfer calls.

Me: Can I speak to a supervisor regarding the inconsistent enforcement of policies?

Susan: Sure. Let me transfer you.
Susan: Hello? Are you still there?

Me: Yes I am.

Susan: The supervisor is very busy right now. What is the best number to reach you at? I will have him call you.

Me: No. I have waited long enough for help. I would prefer to hold.

Susan: Okay. I will put you back on hold. If their line frees up, you will be the next caller.

Me: Great! Thanks.
Susan: Hello? Are you still there?

Me: Yes I am.

Susan: So like I said, we will need to have the account holders’ permission to help me.

Me: Alright. Well I just tracked him and it looks like he is about 2-3 miles away. We’ll just wait together until he gets here.

Susan: You want me to stay on the line until your husband gets there?

Me: Yes I do.

Susan: Well we don’t usually tie up the lines with…….

Me: I am not tying up the line. YOU are tying up the line by not being more like Lisa. Now we have to wait until my husband gets home.

Susan: Okay. I will put you on hold.

Me: Okay.
Supervisor: Hello. This is Robert. How can I help you?

I recapped the frustration and just then, hubz pulls up. I yelled to hurry! Good-to-Go needs your permission for what seems to be matters of national fucking security!!!!

Hubz added me to all of our accounts with the instructions that any/all communications needs to go through me. THEY do not have permission to speak to him! Hee hee hee it was pretty funny.

I posed my billing question. Robert struggled to explain the long and rigorous process they go through to get the details necessary to bill each driver; which at times is a manual process. These charges were most likely a case of the department of licensing delayed providing the registrations details, causing it to miss the correct billing cycle. Here is how he suggests I audit my future statements… I couldn’t make this shit up…..

I should keep a little notepad in my car. Every time I cross the bridge, I jot down the date and approximate time I crossed. He was not promoting distracted driving, by any means; just a way for me to keep track of when I crossed. That way, when I got the next bill I would be able to cross those off my list, and know what is still left to pay.

I just hung up.

It saddens me to think that those fucking idiots sit in that office, sending smoke signals containing billing information back and forth……making more than I do.

Night Sweats

No…we are not talking about waking up from your sleep and needing to throw the covers off cause you are hot.

We are not talking about a moist upper lip one in a while.

We are talking about waking up and rolling over to cold sweat pouring down your neck, soaked tank top and wet hair.

Can’t even blame it on menopause or pre-menopause either, which has been confirmed via $118 worth of LabCorp magic. Last night was the worst I have had in a while…my sheets were actually wet! Uncomfortable, embarrassed and definitely at the end of my rope in frustration. So I fixed a glass of ice water and web md’d this shit. Turns out there are several contributors to “The Sweats”.

Anxiety, drug addiction and sleep apnea all add gas to the internal hell fire. Rather than focus on eliminating those, I chose to focus on Pheochromocytoma, Osteomyelitis and Autonomic neuropathy..


No wonder they say that the internet does not make you a doctor. I think I will just go back to bed.