Fighting Tigers

I chat a lot at work. I chat with people I work with now, people I used to work with, some family, a lot of friends. I chat via Skype, TEAMs, email, text, Whatsap, Zoom…you name it I have a friend I can talk to on that system. No one seems to mind though…..cause I am always happily typing away at my desk. (and watching judge judy…I love me some judge judy)

This morning, while getting ready for work in the world’s smallest bathroom; I SLAMMED my pinky toe into the wall. I am certain it registered at the seismologist station on Mt. Rainier. The feeling that radiated up my leg was worthy of truck stop expletives. I think you could actually see it swelling up.
Guess I am wearing flats today.

I hobbled down the stairs, to the car and then into the office. All while my foot developed a heart beat of its own.

I was able to make it to Fred Meyer, but almost called an Uber for the trip back; and it is just across the parking lot. I took my foot out to let my pinky toe rest against the cold file cabinet under my desk, then struggled to put my shoe back on. It was going to be a rough rest of the day.

About an hour later my homey at the front desk, sent me an IM asking if I wanted join her in a walk to Starbucks. I had to shamefully tell her that I didn’t think I could make it….BUT if she would consider bringing me back one…she would be my favorite. And if any of the baristas ask about me…tell them I hurt myself fighting tigers.

Right then a team member walked by my desk and says……Fighting tigers hu?

OH SNAP! Note to self……keep your chat in a small window on the laptop…and dim!

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