Do you know where I can find BBQ?

Boss man asked me to get him some lunch. He handed me is VISA and said he wanted a pulled pork sandwich, followed by us both saying “from Dickey’s” at the same time. Grabbed my phone, sunglasses and purse; and headed to the car. I knew right where I was going. I have never eaten at Dickey’s, nor would I…I do not like BBQ. But I had heard great things about this place from my dad’s side kick, so it made perfect sense that the boss man would be craving the best BBQ on the east side.

I pulled into the smallest driveway,found the one spot left; and followed all the signs to the correct door. I walked into a room resembling an office AND cafeteria. From way behind the counter an old lady, with no teeth said something I wasn’t able to make out. When I didn’t respond she said it a little louder. “all I gots are some little chicken pieces”. To which I replied “Hi! I was hoping to order a pulled pork sandwich”. “Naw. That won’t be ready before dinner.” She said. I simply turned and walked out. I wasn’t 100% sure this was even a restaurant and I wanted out of here before I caught something. I Googled BBQ, hit up a place not too far down the road and headed back to the office.

Delivered the Sammie , returned cc and put a pile of napkins on his desk; then went back to what I was doing before my marching orders.

When Hubz came home I was telling him about my lunchtime adventures. I told him how the driveway to Dickey’s is hidden making it kinda hard to find. Hubz looked at me like I had three eyes and says “I guess. There are a lot of stores in that little place.”

Wait! …. What?

He told me that Dickey’s is in the shopping center across from MOD pizza. He was right. So if that was Dickey’s…..where did I go?

After we stopped laughing we got out our respective devices and looked it up. I went to DIXIE’S! Dickeys is actually, figuratively and literally around the corner from the office. Dixie’s is 5 times as far and where I got the sandwich…another two times the distance. JD asked me if boss man said anything about how long it took for me to get lunch. I said with a straight face…NO! He was so happy to get the food he didn’t care. Hubz : “he was probably STARVING!”

What makes this hysterical is….it’s not the first time this has happened. I have ended up at the wrong restaurant on more than one location; though in my defense it was the correct genre. Different name…same fare.

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