Because I FOR SURE learned my lesson about talking shit on line….I am very careful about what I post.

I want to write about the onboarding experiences from the past few gigs. How HR departments, as a whole, no matter where you work…need help ASAP. Or the fact that I have been fired for silly/insignificant and even made up reasons; but the summer intern gets to sleep at his desk. The errands I am asked to run, the people I am forced to work with and the volumes of inept customer service representatives I encounter on a daily….it is HILARIOUS. I’d love to tell you all about it….but the crybabies that wind up in my post, have ZERO sense of humor. So…I email those.

Last night got a text from Snow twin, who tried to make me feel like I had a foot in the grave; by sending a picture of her son enjoying his first legal beer. I helped make the birth announcements for this kid….there is NO WAY HE IS 21!! I shared my thoughts on her planning a trip to the lower 48 so we could spend the day at the spa celebrating her new empty nest. Told her to read about it in the Saturday of No Standing post. She replied that I am hysterical (which I of course already knew) and needed to write more. I was like….I write all the damn time! Just can’t post it 😊

I got to work this morning and I remembered that I wanted to send Snow Twin a secret posts. Hummmmm where did I put those? I checked my usual emails and didn’t see them. I needed to log into a third email, and in order to do that I had to figure out the password. Scrolling through my phone I was able to find it and log in; that is when I noticed an email about something Ama and I had been working on. I checked the Spy cam , saw she was up on the farm, and gave her a call. After that I noticed I was accepted into the elite world of GlamBags….and read all the emails about that. Then I cleaned out the inbox and logged out.

I checked my desk top again and then the recycle/deleted folder and found what I was looking for. I also found, I accidently deleted two perfectly good posts; and wanted to get them closer to publishing. In order to do that I needed to log into the blog…what are those credentials? Surfing through my texts, for the string I keep my username and passwords on, I began to delete texts I no longer needed to keep. Found the one I was looking for and logged in. I prepped two posts, logged out, updated my calendar and signed back on to the desk top.

Found the dirty little secrets and got them ready to send, oh wait…I need her email address. I picked up the phone to send her a request for best contact details, when I saw a note from my SoCal boy toy. Awe “hey boo hey” I replied and set off to refill my caffeinated beverage. On the way back to my desk I got dragged into a meeting, and didn’t make it back to my desk until 30 minutes later. Looked at my phone and it opened to the pic of Snow Twins mini man…..Oh yeah THAT’S is what I was doing!

It is a wonder how I make it through the day with this attention span.

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