Introductions Please…..

I try hard to hide the identities best I can in my posts, to protect the innocent. Sometimes people don’t want me to air their dirty/interesting laundry…sometimes I don’t want them to know I am talking shit 😊

Charlie – I was introduced to Charlie during the bridal celebrations of a mutual friend. She was a lot of fun to hang out with, so I leapt at the opportunity to work with her later on that year. She was also owned her own business which is named after her favorite kitten….Charlie. I haven’t seen Charlie in a while. She is living her new life, doing her own thing and we aren’t that close any more. Reason…season…lifetime type of thing.

Snow Twin – My sister met Snow twin waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, when she as in beauty school. They were roommates a while, before shit hit the fan; but after the split split, we stayed in touch. She would buy me alcohol for our house parties, did my nails in trade and was a sort of surrogate “big sister”…We have a lot in common. We remained close even after she got married and left for her new life in Alaska. I designed the birth announcements for her first child and later helped potty train him via long distance. I just love her!

Saggy Face, Child Bride, So Busy and Octo-mom were all “professionals” I worked with at Coldwell Banker Bain & Associates back in 2010. Their behavior is how I came up with their code names, and yes I realize they aren’t the kindest. The descriptions were so spot on, they whined to HR and I was fired… man I hated that job!

Scrappy – a girlfriend of mine, who I swear had the roughest childhood. She had a less than steady upbringing, emancipated herself at 15, supported herself and managed to make it out of the slums and into a very posh life. But don’t let the raised pinky fool you….she will shank you the moment she even THINKS you are fucking with someone she loves. I HEART Scrappy!!

I Rock Spandex – She was a bicyclist I met in line at a concert.

Mini Me – is my niece who used to love me, until she turned 10.

Rents – My parents

Hubz – The most amazing man on the planet.

And now there is someone I’d like you to meet. My Fireball of Faith. A family member I would have never met, if it was left up to my husband…Thankfully his uncle made the introduction. I have met just a handful of people who trust in the Lord like Fireball. One was my sisters mother in law, the other is my 5th grade teacher and now this bundle of faith. She reminds us of Gods love through mail, family meals and just good ol fashioned hugs and kisses. There is no one quite like her, and I am blessed to call her family.

She is currently fighting a tough cancer battle. No matter what your religious background is, please take a moment to send a kind thought her way, she tells me God will take care of the rest 😊

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