Just Peachy

Recently, our office was added to Peach’s delivery service. The idea behind this service is to put lunch options at your finger tips and a dedicated delivery driver. Selfishly, as the office contact, mine is usually free….but no one has to know that is the reason we signed up 🙂

After the team members text their selections, lunch is delivered at 11:30 am and they send reply text letting them know they can pick it up. It is a clever system. On Friday, no one saw the driver but we all got the text. Team members began to pool around my work area, sniffing for their food. About 3 minutes later, someone noticed the delivery bags sitting outside. Not outside our suite’s door….outside the door to the building!

You bet your sweet ass I was firing off a recap of the situation to our rep and company contact. I explained the building hours and hours when the doors are unlocked consistently Monday through Friday; and pointed out the fact that the driver simply assumed with absolutely no effort at all. Of course I also shared that this was indicative of a lazy emloyee, and should be terminated immediately.

Peach called me to say they were extremely sorry and being that this was against company policy, and they wanted to address it immediately. The rep went over the details of our account with me to make sure it was all correct on their side, before they took action with the driver. Brilliantly, they took pictures of the outside of the building, so the drivers knew what door to go to as well as instructions for where to put the delivery once they arrived.

I asked if more pictures would be helpful and she believed they would. I also asked of they would also like a video clip with instructions on how to open the front door…she said yes!! And that is exactly what I did. Along with the notes that if there is ever a legitimate need to leave our food out in the elements they call the CEO, prior to the bag hitting the ground.

Oh…and the lunches today were free 😉

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