Your free trial has ended.

I have been struggling with the content for this blog for a while now. Concerned that it has reverted back to more negative ranting than comedic posts. At one point I was having to write the night before to keep up the pace…and it caused me to resent the blog.

Also, I have funny things that happen all the time, just not anything I can write about. I am either not ready to share the truth with the world or I am self-conscious about who will read it. Is there someone reading it that I work with? Are there friends still reading it after the divorce? And will any of those potential readers start any shit in my life. Who knows?

Basically I am running out of clean, non-offensive, shareable stories. I am either going to have to come out of the closet, admit I have a night job where very little clothing is required or take a chance that my negative (but truthful) descriptions of co-workers will get out and I will lose my job AGAIN; OR come up with a different type of posting.

Should I do an advice column? There are only 4-6 people who read this on any given day; so it would be effortless for me to sit back and wait for shit they need my opinion on.

Should I lock it down? People would have to request access. But again, there are only 4-6 of you so it might just be faster to send an email.

Should I just stop? I hate to be a quitter but I need to figure out another avenue in order to save the interest.

I am going to get to thinking now. If/When I come up with something I will be back.

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