Back in the Day

Fuck I am old!

One improvement the world has made in since the 90’s, is the ability to find and purchase music.

I found myself telling one of those “back in my day” stories to the bartender of our new favorite hangout. We are around the same age, so she appreciated the trip down memory lane.

While listening to some jams in the bar, I heard a song that blew me back to 1993. At Roomies apartment in Factoria, lights out, Christmas lights around the ceiling, Boys in the Hood on the TV, OE bottles everywhere, next to the boom box kissing the boy I had had an infatuation with for the past year. I remember DESPERATELY wanting to know what that song was. Obviously, I needed get this tape so I could listen to it over and over in my room until the it died. DUH!

Again it is 1993. There was no world wide web to search partial lyrics. No amazon, iTunes or streaming music of any kind. I had no idea who sang it or where to find it. We had Blockbuster music, Tower Record and silver platters; if I wanted to buy it new or used….but WHO.

Like a year later, I found out; but was not able to find the album anywhere.
Our love was surely going to die without this melody. Despite the fact that there was no us, he still didn’t know I wanted to marry him, hardly came to hang out and I didn’t have his pager number.

When I heard it last night, opened iTunes, slapped down my 99 cents and added it to the sexy time play list; Like a boss. Lover boy isn’t the only one who’s going to feel the heat of that song 😊

Dictionary –

OE – Old English 800 Malt Liquor. Mainly consumed 40 oz’s at a time

Boom Box – A large portable stereo, usually carried on the shoulder.

Pager – a small battery-operated communication beacon that clipped to your side belt. When people called your number they would be able to provide the number to call them back at.

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