Good Morning Sunshine!

For many years, I got up at 5:30 am and jumped in the shower. Then I would wake Hubz up with gentle kisses and a soft good morning. Then I was fired from that early morning hell hole and we switched roles. Now Hubz gets up before me, jumps in the shower then wakes me up around 6:30 am (depending on how many snoozes). He is not quite as soft and gentle.

He always says that I don’t hug him enough and he doesn’t understand what is so wrong about showering me with kisses and hugs every 15 minutes; daring me to complain to my friends “my husband loves me so much….poor me.” Hahahah

He loves the first of the morning version of me. He says that I am “not at full strength” so he can attack with all the kisses and hugs that he wants. He kisses my cheek then awkwardly tries to reach my mouth….leaving wet lip crease spit all over my face. He tries to be sexy and asks for a role in the hay before work. And then there are other things he tries….that we just don’t need to get into now.

So when I had the chance to wake HIM up last weekend, I gave him a taste of his own medicine. I hugged him so hard and jostled back and forth, proclaiming how happy I am that he wasn’t at full strength so I could shower him with love. I kissed him all over his face and even got a few of the lip crease kisses in.
I asked him for a little role in the hay and proceeded to lay on him with full weight. Then I ripped the sheets back and yelled “gimme those titties! Continuing to attack from the top.

He looked up and asked….”is that what it is like in the morning?..sorry”. Today I got to stay covered and enjoyed a few soft kisses.

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