Defensive Driving 101

There is one angry driver that lives in our apartment complex. The scary part is, most of our issues have been when he is leaving to take his kids to school. (or synagogue or morning swim lessons….I have no idea where he is going; I just know he drives like a dick to get there.)

The speed limit in our complex is 5MPH. In order to do 5MPH , an automatic car driver will have to ride their breaks, as the auto pilot is closer to 10MPH. On more than one occasion, this ass hole has zoomed around the corner and almost hit me when I back out. I have to go the direction where he comes from, when he slams on his brakes and I barely have room to get to that side of the driveway.
I have even seen him driving around town on my way home. He is constantly switching lanes to get ahead and taking side streets to avoid lights. (it was super fun when I waved at him as I pass him on one of his “Short Cuts” #instigator)

Recently I brought this up to the management once, but they didn’t even reply to the email containing car description, space and license plate numbers. SO, of course I had to go down to the office in person. I nicely explained to them that I have documented informing them of the issue; and I was letting them know in person, in case there was an incident. You know… a little thing called negligence 😊

One morning last week, I caught the perp leaving his house and getting into his car. Knowing which unit he lives in is key to my revenge. He must have raced to and in his car because he was on my ass before I left the property. He tailgated me to the next light and turned with me.

I sped up the hill at 60 MPH just to put some distance between us. He is a fucking whack job and my deductible is too high to risk an accident. I caught the next light and sped up approaching my office. Right by the turn to my office , two lanes merge to one. Since I caught the light, I was able to speed past those who had previously been sitting at the light. Dude changes lanes to get behind me again…. probably assuming I was going to jet up and merge in the front. Apparently, it was important to drive as close to my car as possible. That is when I slammed on my brakes and turned into the office.

I have no idea how he missed my bumper or swerve and hit anyone trying to merge. IT WAS CLOSE. This guy is crazy! Even more than my Aunt Mary.

This weekend I noticed that they leave their rear wing window open in the back. Just about an inch…. enough to vent. So I put a bit of tuna fish in a baggie and left it on my deck to cook in the sun while we were out and about over the weekend. And this morning I dropped the contents in the car.
It won’t make him drive better….but I feel pretty good 😊

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