We’re getting a divorce

It is never fun. Whether you are leaving a spouse or a friend, cutting toxic people out of your life is necessary; NOT EASY.

I have had to close the door on a relationship or five. The reasons ranged from a big mouth to slipping and falling into random pussy. (We are not talking about a little grabbing from The Orange Lord…these men actually fell down and landed up in the pussy.) Important to point out…it was NEVER their fault.

I have had to end friends because they have forgotten about me. We were all standing there,then a man bought them a drink and POOF: They were making a beeline for the bedroom.

Most recently, I had to cut ties with a girlfriend, because she was having a hard time determining which information she could share and which she couldn’t.
Time is something I will never get back so I friend hard. I have no room in my life for people who I can’t trust. It is hard enough for me to keep the secrets I have already, I don’t have time to micro manage that you will keep em safe as well.

Unless of course this is all one big joke on me? Could be. Maybe I am making a mistake by cutting these people out, because it was ME who was doing it wrong this whole time.

I should have shared who thinks who is a terrible parent.
I should have shared who believes who got just what they deserved.
I should have shared who is laughing at who for your stupid mistakes.
I should have shared the names of who people have called untrustworthy, big mouths and liars.
I should have corrected people on the spot…. whether it was my place to or not.
I should have updated the spouses of the shenanigans behind the scenes.

Cause that is what I am learning Friendship 2017 is all about.

Well shit! I am not sure I can stay quiet for an hour and a half…. anyone have the name of a good hairstylist?

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