Lot no. 3…strike! you are OUT!

I was asked to make dinner reservations for a party of 15 next week. The manager didn’t mind if it was a private room, just enough space for a large party. I immediately got to work calling my trusty standbys; and soon realized the Queen must be in town….cause everything was booked. YIKES! I am going to have to get creative.

Just when all hope was about lost, I got a call from Lot no. 3. The GM said the party cancelled and the loft was available. YA! That was exactly the space we wanted. I filled out the reservation form, provided the cc number for the final bill and preassigned a gratuity to the server. Just before I left for the weekend I scanned it, sent it back and sent it back and received a confirmation that all was set. Always good to end the week on a success…. ESPECIALLY for the VP’s team. I shot him a quick chat that we were a go.

It didn’t last long. Late Sunday evening I got an email update from the restaurant that our party was most likely going to be moved to the main dining room. WHAT? My reply wondered how I could have possibly lost a reservation that was confirmed two days ago. Lauren tried her best to sound as professional as an 18 year old hostess could, and ran me through their process. Somewhere in the fine print of the agreement that I signed, it says that if the space we desired is not available, they would move us to another space. Okay I get it…….cancel it. And shot the VP a text letting him know; and once again began calling around.

Monday morning, I arrived to an email from Lauren, The GM moved the larger party to another space and we, once again had the loft. He was even going to throw in some complimentary hors d’oeuvres for the confusion. I thanked her for all the effort and let her know that we were looking forward to seeing them on Thursday. I shot the VP and email to let him know that we had saved the Lot no.3 reservation; and even got some free app’s out of the deal.

At 3:00 pm Lindsey, some manager of something, called to break the news that we had lost the loft reservation; and this time it was for good. She gave me a bunch of reasons, and few of them made any sense. I admit, I was extremely argumentative and began grilling her as to all the conflicts in her excuses and how shocked I am that they are moving forward with shafting my team. I stopped listening to her begging and simply replied to every statement, to cancel the reservation. When I broke the news to my VP, it required a phone call because he was just as fucking confused as I was about what happened.

Not willing to just roll over and let this happen, I began looking for any member of senior management to get a hold of. The PR dude was in Croatia for the next two weeks, but offered the GM’s information in his absence. I explained that the GM has lost control of his restaurant, the catering team didn’t know the difference between their ass and a hole in the ground and I wanted to speak to someone NOT at the restaurant. I got a hold of the Director of Restaurant Operations.

He had already heard about the situation and there was a conversation with the team, before we had a chance to connect. There wasn’t anything he could do; he knew that. I was furious, distrusting and horrified to have been disregarded so nonchalantly. He offered to call around and find a replacement space for me. Fiercely independent, I told him to go fuck himself I would find one on my own. (not in those words of course). I moved the team to a great location down the street.

Later in the day he did call back and gave me some options around town, and let me know he was going to put something in the mail to help make up for making me look so foolish to the VP. It better be 3 digits or more.

Bottom line….Lot no. 3 cannot handle large parties and I am going to drink a bunch of wine on them!

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