Tunnel Vision

A year ago we went to the a live taping of a popular radio talk show. It was a lot more fun than I thought; and ever since then I have brought up going again a handful of times. Hubz replies, leading me to believe that he was on it. Turns out it taped about 2 weeks ago. Ask him when the next magic card draft is or the date of the next superman movie release. He can tell you without even looking it up.

He remembered a party we were invited to back in August….it’s this weekend. 45 days and he knows the time, date, address and attendees, because he has spent that much time researching it. An in all that time on line….not once did he look at the calendar for my favorite venue.

He can tell you the dates of all the comic conventions, the year and model of vintage instruments and is able to recite all the safety features of a Subaru we will never own. But not even listening to the show reminds him it is something he needs to look into.

He can remember to bug me about joining a gym, go on for hours about a festival he would like to put on one day and encourages me to day dream about what our next vacation looks like….but he can’t take me the one show I have ever asked to go to?

Yes. It is just as much my fault. I could have looked it up myself to ensure I didn’t miss it, rather than blame him. Lesson learned. He will learn the same lesson when he asks for a BJ. “Let me look to see next time one is available, and get back to you.”

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