So Close!

For my entire professional career, I have excelled at every job I was given. I climbed the ladder at 21 to be the youngest academy director of a national child care chain. I excelled in what started to be an administrative assistant roll, to the Human Resource and Operations manager position. I went from simply coordinating interview loops to events and recognition for a company of 1000 spread over 4 states. I am very good at any job.

Now…I am also quite a handful from an employer standpoint. One could say that it takes juuuuuuuust the right company, manager and salary for it to be a benefit to both sides. But it is possible I assure you.

I have been warned that I am too far in the weeds….I need to get above the tree line to see the whole picture. WHY? Things are fucked down here! We need to quit looking at the sunsets and get to work!

Twice I was described as 95% amazing and 5% terrible or 95% outstanding customer service and 5% not so much.

And there is always the precious saying “you attract more bees with honey than you do a bat.” Well listen here. I have been dripping honey all over these deadbeats all day….it is time for a bat! Get out of my way!

I think for sure it is you not me. I am cutting costs, improving service, increasing energy/team spirit and holding people accountable. As for leadership? They are always in a “meeting” or an offsite circle jerk.

95% is an A, and being that never saw one of these on a report card in my life….I’m going to consider it a win.

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