My Girl Wants to Party all the Time

As an event planner, I am always looking for a new fun place for a team or the company to hang out. We are a young company so it must be geeky, super fun and involving alcohol. I also try not repeat…which makes for the catering portion of any event the toughest.

The winner of our team building event chose to go to the local game store for lunch as their prize. I wasn’t on the winning team, but I do have the company card; so of course, I get to go to all the events. The arrangements were made, excitement built and now all we had to do is wait for Thursday to come.

It just so happens that our friends were hosting their birthday party at the same place. This was going to be the perfect chance for me to check out the space and service. YIKES! No Bueno.

The server introduced himself as our “dedicated” staff member and took the first round drink order. He came back a short time later with the drinks and then POOF disappeared. I can only imagine what kind of board game emergency needed his attention. Checker game massacre?. Whatever the case, he wasn’t seen again for a while. As more guests arrived the common question was “how do we order?” “how does this work?” and even a “can we drink in here?” If this were my event, I would have grabbed the manager faster than a shot of Fireball.

I finally tracked him down, begged for water and let him know more guests had arrived.

When the host saw Houdini re-appear, he ordered garlic fries as well as chips and dips for the guests. He got the fries a short time later; but it took 30 minutes to track down the chips and dip. There were many staff members in and out with food and beverage delivery; but they weren’t able to help in any way; you had to do it with Houdini. Regardless of his last known location.

We had to track him down for more water.

We had to bus our own tables as the dishes were emptied.

We had to track him down for more utensils.

Then we held him hostage until he produced our check so we could GTF outta there!

I have had worse service….but NOT when I am paying $250 for the privilege to be in this room. Dedicated my ass! Thankfully he is not dedicating his life to service…. cause we would still be waiting.

Yep……I called. I spoke to the manager and shared with her my concerns that I had made a mistake by reserving a room for my team. I shared a bit more of what had happened and wondered what my chances were for having a better experience. To the server’s defense I described it as ‘he was not given the opportunity to dedicate himself to our room, because management also made him responsible for other sections.’ I wasn’t jumping through the phone or anything. (I know…shocking)

I assured her that I have loved every staff member I have met there, I love their level of service and selection; as well as the reasonable price for private space. I was NOT calling on behalf of the hosts from yesterday’s party. I was only voicing concern for my team and was just hoping to get some eyes to look ahead to Thursday.

She will personally handle my event and I hope my friends don’t mind if they get some of their event comped. 😊 That is what I call outstanding customer service. I never ask for perfection, I just expect what I pay for. And if that is not possible, handle it just like that. Well done!

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