Hubs and I had the funniest and feistiest exchanges we have had in a while, on our way to a friend’s party. It is important for you to imagine us on a sunny day, in a great mood and laughing during the entire conversation….cause that is exactly how this went down.

He let me know that he saw that I spent $11 on iTunes; and wondered if it was for the same game I have been playing a lot lately. WTF does it matter? He had asked me this once before, when he saw the charge. I explained it then…..nothing has changed….so why the third degree? (do you like how one question becomes an interrogation in my mind?) I wanted him to be very specific as to why he needs me to explain this all over again. How did I not answer his questions the first time? And most importantly, what is the true root of his concern? (Not that it mattered; psych is not included in his Obama Welfare) It was like he was trying to determine the education factor in the game to warrant this budget item.

FINE! I get 5 lives every now and again and I use them to pass the levels. If I get stuck, and remain that way for 6 days, then I will buy a few tools to make it through to the next. And for no additional charge, I am rewarded with 2 hours of unlimited lives to help me get through the tougher levels ahead. All seems worth it to me. Unless, of course you are my husband. In that case, I guess you have to get approval to make in-ap purchases.

I further defended my addiction by letting him know that SOMETIMES I get bonuses and get hours of play for FREE! Most likely that is because they are smarter than me and make me feel successful to encourage more charges…..but still
He thought this was HYSTERICAL. Were they getting harder? Is that why I needed help? YES THEY ARE GETTING HARDER!! For example, the current level only gives me 40 moves to collect 40 yellow squares, 40 green squares and make the little toasters pop 40 slices of toast. Okay….it sounds stupid trying to explain it; and currently, I have been stuck here for 3 days.

I wondered what the difference was between him pledging money to some starving artists and me buying a drill, train and vacuum. He explained that there was no difference….however…he does sell stuff on ebay for that money.

Oh yeah? Well I make more than you do!
Yep! I went there. Didn’t want to but I felt that I was being forced to defend my game.

To which he replied. True…..but it took you 9 years.

Asshole!HAHAHAHA kidding….I love him.

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