Incomplete Coverage

As many of you know, we experienced a complete solar eclipse for the first time in like 100 years. MILLIONS of people converged on a tiny town in Oregon to experience the once in a lifetime moment; while all the smart people, stayed put and caught a multitude of different views from their driveways.

The wizards that make Donut Monday happen, gave me a pair of glasses so I was all set when I arrived at work. It was cool…but I was over it quickly and hoped everyone got back to work soon and stop talking about it.

Turns out AMA was bit by the eclipse bug…I had no idea. For her birthaversary, Papa made a bunch of brownie points for buying her an onyx and diamond pendant of the eclipse. It was even engraved with the date and location on the back. She was thrilled!

When I delivered flowers, Ama was showing off her new bling. This sparked a bit of conversation about the event, who saw what, where and were we impressed or not. Dad shared that he stood at the end of the drive way and watched it happen through a welding mask.

To which I replied….”Ya I know. I saw it on Facebook…with your fly open.”

The post has since been reviewed and taken down.

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