You’re outta here….and You’re outta here….

While at Sunday dinner there was talk of spending turkey day, somewhere other than Casa Rents. I shared a great time we had on Anderson Island, and headed to moms desk top, for some examples to send to the committee.

I logged mom out of Facebook so I could send the link to both her and the other decision maker from mine. After sending the link, I scrolled through the lies on my news feed, I went back upstairs to my glass of wine.

This morning I got a text from mom asking me to give her a call. A) it was just after 8 am …and she is NEVER up this early. B) an 8 am request for a call home instantly becomes an emergency.

Turns out a very sleepy AMA was confused when she was looking at “her” timeline. She didn’t know these people. So, since it is ‘like mother like daughter’, she went right to work blocking all the strangers. Before she noticed that the profile picture was NOT of her…I may have lost some friends.

So if anyone has noticed that I am not commenting on your shit….let me know so I can put you back on my page.

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