Hubz and I started playing Golf a while back. Though we are no good at it, it is something we like to do together. Picture it…the two of us with road sodas in a golf cart…. UNSUPERVISED! hahaha

We’ve met lots of people. Some are there for the course and some are there cause the drinks are cheap. We happen to be a fan of both and some super fun times always happen when we find people brave enough to take us on.

Last week, we met up with a couple for a quick 9 hole game followed by happy hour. It was such a fun game. So many great shots and even more laughter. When we parted ways, the arrangements were that we would connect for a re-match. To my surprise, a week after we last saw them, the plans changed. Seems that though they enjoyed their time with us, they are having second thoughts about another game. Turns out we are not a match skill set wise. Apparently, golf is all they are interested in.

No offer for another game
No offer for meeting up for different/new activity
No mention of ever seeing us again PERIOD

It terrifies me to think that I could have missed out on meeting my husband, if I hid behind this way of thinking. Differences are what makes us unique and worth getting to know. Hubz and I had not one thing in common. Not a hobby, band, book or ANY interests for that matter. He wasn’t anywhere close to the typical boys I had dated. He was a band geek, musician with a squeaky-clean past. I was a hip hop following, bar fly, middle child – with an agenda of my own.

While I agree it wasn’t the best game I have ever played (mainly because one of us forgot to bring clubs) it was a lot of fun to hang out and make new friends. I guess I should feel lucky that it was killed quickly. I have so many flaws, friendship would never reach lift off with people so shallow. Fuck Golf!

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