You’ve Got Mail!

I got a card from my sister today. She thought of me when she saw a scratch ticket and sent me an update from the 406.

I grabbed my phone to text her that when I opened the card, Hubz gasped “Shit! That’s a lot of words!”…and was instantly appalled that my first instinct was the phone. She took the time to hand-write a note about her day; and I was going to sum it up blip of data, not worthy of being deducted from my monthly allowance.

After that momentary lapse in judgment, I thought to text her the Hubz comment and let her know I would write more later. Why do that? I know myself well enough to know that the minute I say I am going to do something….it is almost immediately crossed off my mental TO-DO list.

I needed to find a card…..I have none so it would be something I would need to pick up during lunch next week. Not a great plan as I have allow myself to run out of TP cause it is something I have to pick up during lunch. Just as suspected, I have been out three times in the last two days (one stop being a place perfect for card selecting) no card. Nor face wipes, which as of this post…I have been out for three days. Thankfully Ama keeps all the toiletries from her hotel travels…and some offer makeup removers 

So it’s been about four days. I still have no card (or TP) and no text. She has no idea if the card made it! I am the worst sister ever. Wait! She reads the blog. Thanks Netty 🙂 I will write soon….if I don’t hit the jackpot on this scratcher.

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