Dude! Where’s my burger?

Last weekend we met some friends in Fremont for a sushi and bar hopping date night. Knowing them, this was going to be a great night.

We started in a heavy metal bar, with a rainforest type private room. Very weird! Had some drinks and we were off to find this sushi place that had hit the radar recently. Mmmmmm so good! I would love to give them a plug here….but I completely spaced the name.

Had some drinks and a bunch of deliciousness in the ol’ belly; and we were off to see what other trouble we could find for ourselves.

For our last stop we found a whiskey bar that was exactly what we were looking for. Private Booth, servers who know their shit and the tease of them being able to marry us, should we start feeling frisky.

We were there for a few rounds and a TON of laughing. It must have been quite a show for the rest of the place. There have only been a handful of times when I am so caught up in the fun that is happening at my table, that I don’t see another person in the room. Yep….it was one of those nights.

OMG! So fun so fun so fun. We hugged and kissed good bye and went our separate ways. Giggling all the way to the car about how much fun that was. Are you picking up that it was fun yet? Haha

Shortly after I started our drive home, Hubz announces that he is going to need something to eat…STAT! Now that he was sitting in the car, the magnitude of the situation hit him! He was D-R-U-N-K! He is so damn cute when he’s drunk. I never get to see it cause my head is always the one in the toilet 🙂

We stop by Dick Drive in. Iconic, Cheap and OPEN! I ordered 4 hamburgers and a large sprite. Hubby opens and hands me one of my burgers, all wrapped on the bottom so it won’t make a mess; and proceeds to go to town on his own meal. I was only able to get through half, before you get to the part of the burger where you have to flip it over to eat the other half. Too messy plus I was driving. I handed it over to Hubz. Being he was about to pass the fuck out, he asked me what I wanted him to do with it? I told him to just eat it; that I would eat the other one when we got home.

What other one? I ate them all.

(don’t worry I got him back by filming him trying to make it up the stairs at home and sending it to his siblings)

Best part about it? When he was complaining about not feeling great the next morning and he says “I was burping Dicks all night.”

Yeah…that’s what she said!

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