Mom’s Advice

When someone pisses me off, I have recently learned to pause and think before action. Being it is still such a new concept, I would say I am only about 30% successful 🙂 I’ve never was an honor roll student. My mom always told me that it would help to write a letter with my true feelings, and then tear it up. NEVER SEND IT!

Recently, Hubz and I had an experience that warranted a family meeting. I knew I needed to calm down before I said something I shouldn’t have, so we agreed to give it a few days; when I had had a chance to process the chain of events.

I always have a word document open for just this reason. It doesn’t take long to tell a story, so I like to write it out in real time. If I am not at home, I copy and paste it into an email, send it to my personal email address and do the cleaning and posting in the evening. Since it was a meeting day, and I was having lunch delivered; I decided to skip going home and stay here and type it out.

Once I was finished I thought this would make for a super funny blog post. I could either word it like a letter from a reader looking for advice; or clean it up and be a good story about a shit show of a date night.

Since I do not access the blog site from work I copied and pasted it into an email. Like I have a million times I sent it to an address I have had for over 10 years. Three Minutes later two members of the IT team were at my desk, wondering what I was doing on line. The manager showed me an outgoing email from my computer, which was flagged as mal-ware….and sent to the whole team.

There were two thoughts going through my mind as I sat in the bathroom crying from embarrassment:

1) When will I ever fucking learn
2) I bet they have A LOT of questions 😉

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