Girlfriends Code

Whenever I hear a song that reminds me of Jennifer, if I am with someone, I like to tell them the story. That is how I choose to celebrate her life.

Sometimes it was drunk forehead to forehead conversation and other times they are shenanigans worthy of an arrest. I talk about the things we did back in the 90’s that would never fly these days. We didn’t have cell phones we had pagers. We didn’t have voicemail so you had to use codes after you typed in the call back number. Pictures were taken my cameras and you had to pray you got the shot as you waited a week for them to be developed. We didn’t have Tinder; we had Events and Adventures. Your ass had to go out and actually see if you liked the other person rather than just swiping them away. But we still had to party, drink and get laid, so we took care of it OG style

We would go down to the basketball courts at Greenlake to see if we could catch the eye of a young Michael Jordan. Sometimes we would even cruise up and down Rainier Avenue looking for boys to talk to. Jennifer would always get the conversation going by slowly rolling past them in her funky white escort and saying something like “A!” …from the other side of the street. Then whip around if they responded.

Other times we would sit in the Denny’s smoking section for HOURS drink coffee and charring our lungs. Sounds innocent…but it was 1 am on Hwy 99; Best known for hotels by the hour.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s “Summer time” came on the radio yesterday. I have heard this song 10,000 times but this time, a certain line hit me. “yeah I got on Snesks, but I need a new pair; basketball courts in the summer got girls there.” hahahahaha!!! I was a sunny day, I was in a great mood so I turned to Hubz and began describing our 22-year-old pick up moves. I decided to stay in the car during a lightning fast stop at the bike shop cause I wanted to text the girls about Jennifer.

I picked up my phone and decided that I might not be able to hold it together to send such a long text with emotions ranging from the blissful happiness of the summers gone by to the returned rage for circumstances that took my friends life. So instead I sent my self a text to try to write something later.

That is when Salt n Pepper’s SHOOP came on. I absolutely lost it. Ugly face cry. Gasps for air. Trying to hold it together white I hunted for something to catch the tsunami of tears that seemed to come out of nowhere. Half smiling and half choking on my tears…I remembered one evening at Jen’s Studio:

Despite our recent tutorial, Jennifer and I rolled the most obnoxious joint as a pre-funk to the prank phone calls we were about to make and this song came on the radio. Our attention immediately turned to the thought process that must have gone into creating the lyrics to this song. It probably went something like
Salt: Let’s put a gun in the song

Pepper: Sounds good. What kind

Salt: OOOOH a shot gun.

Pepper: That’s dope! And we’ll fire that shit off.

Salt: I got it… I got it…. “like a shot gun, Bang!”

Pepper: and they be all “what’s up that thang?”

It may not seem funny now, but we were laughing so hard our sides hurt. Jennifer bent over and put her head on the table. Her next thought was “my head is so big. If I was a did crack , my body would be so skinny, I wouldn’t be able to hold my head up.”

Oh my god I miss the hell out of you girl!

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