Be Careful What You Wish For

After my messy divorce from Jimmy Johns, I met a new lunch delivery place. It was a fabulous change up with their display of sandwiches and variety of condiments. Even a Senior VP gushed that the only other place he has had the sweet pepper medley is in Chicago and it made his day.

Not only was their food good, they had a reasonable delivery charge and were right on time ever time. They also called to warn ahead of time if they even think there would is going to be a delay. I LOVE THAT. I remember the first time they called, I got off the phone and exclaimed “now that is what customer service is!”

They needed to call again shortly after that and warn of a potential delay. It didn’t happen so it was just another grand gesture of excellence.

Then they needed to call again a few times later, because the driver was on his way away and going to miss our delivery by a couple of minutes. He was professional and apologetic, which made for an easy overlook.

Then they called AGAIN to say they were going to be a few minutes late because they had to correct an error for another customer right away. I put myself in the shoes of that other EA and felt assured they would treat my issue the same way if the time ever came. No big deal.

They just called today to say he is just getting to our order and going to be late by 15-20 minutes late. I was much less understanding. Granted it is not every time…but the issues are causing more and more delays as we continue this relationship.

I think, much like a new boyfriend, vendors can only be on their best behavior for so long. They all show their true colors eventually. Anyone have a good lunch delivery service they can recommend?

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