Little White Lies

When dealing with vendors, I never tell them the whole story. Definitely if I am reaching out for a quote and especially if they are harassing me as a potential client.

Water, janitorial and all the other office services that are needed to keep the group happy, always want to know what I am paying now for the same service. This is where my creativity comes in.

I give a price that less than I am paying now. For example, when I started at VOLT, they were paying almost $12 per 5 gallon bottle of water and $5 per month for the cooler rental from Chrystal Springs. That is highway robbery!

The first step is to call around and get some pricing from another source. You tell them that you are looking to leave your current provider and wondered if they could help you price the same services. I share the details. Since you already know that you need water service, it is an easy sell for them. All they have to do is make it cheap enough to be worth my while. Get the pricing and let them know I will be in touch if management approves.

Then you call your current company, tell they you can’t find a copy of your agreement, and need to know how to cancel service. Is there a cancellation fee? Date I have to call to avoid another delivery? Etc. They will transfer you to the Customer Retention Department.

It is this departments job to save you as customer. They always tell you first off that they are sorry that you have decided to end service; and ask if you can share why. You give them your new pricing details…and they will almost always come in $1-2 less, just to keep you. No changes, no new paperwork, no hassle….. saving the company 50% on water.

Same goes for the coffee vendor that wants me to replace my current Keurig’s for theirs along with the service. I told her that we wouldn’t be able to meet their monthly minimum’s consistently; so she could either lower the minimum or check back in on us next year when we have grown a bit.

Wouldn’t you know….her manager gave the approval for a reduction in the minimum of $100. So now we get brand new Keurig machines and someone to come in and make sure we never run out of coffee….for $100 less than the rest of you.
Done and Done!

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