I was looking around for a reasonably priced venue to host a work event. There is a community center across the street, so I thought I would start my research there.

I looked on line and found the prices were great for the space available; so I skipped o the “how to rent” link and followed the directions to hold my spot. It says that you need to download, fill out and return the form. Clicked on the link….no form. Hmmmm I tried it again, and again but never get the form.

I sent an email, explaining the problem to and wondered if there was an alternate method to rent their facility. That was last Thursday. Yesterday (Monday), I left a voicemail. I let them know that I have tried to download the form and it is not working. I also mentioned that I had sent in an email last week and I hadn’t received the courtesy of a phone call in return. Today (Tuesday) I grab my purse and walk over.

“Hello.” Dude says after he wakes up behind the desk. “How are you?” Me…”to be honest? Pretty frustrated.” I went on to explain all I had done to get a hold of them and thought I should come over and make sure there had been an unreported mass murder and no one had discovered the bodies yet.

The other dude said that their admin was on vacation this week so response times are slower than usual. To which (of course) I asked “ Do they not include how to check the voicemail in new employee orientation?” Wisely, he didn’t reply. He gave me the form and fee scale. I thanked him and said that was the entire reason behind my call. There wasn’t a way to get the form on line. Dude #2 said “yeah…it’s a new site and some of the links aren’t working yet.”

As I filled out the paper request form, that looked like it had been copied 80000 times, Dude #1 says “sometimes the best way to get a hold of us is to come here.” Me: “how cute. Like all of us are close enough that is convenient.”

I would like a refund of my tax dollars please. This is a gross misuse of funds!!

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