I HEART shoes!

I like clothes…but I LOVE shoes! I have shoes that I have only worn once, and shoes I have had to toss because of overuse and foot smell. Not donate…DESTROY!
Basically, when I find the perfect pair, I will wear the shit out of em.

So when Ama and I went to get our toes twinkled, it was no wonder that I spotted ,and became fixated, on another clients shoes. They were sitting by the work station as she got her nails done.

I tried to get her attention. Unfortunately, the only people who’s attention I got, preferred I stop shouting across the room. When the technician got up to greet another client, I asked her to swing by and let me know the name of the shoes. The report I got back was they were purchased at The Rack two weeks ago, and there was a D and a P on them.

I took those nuggets of information and used it to start my on line search. At first Google tried to control me by suggesting I didn’t know what I wanted and suggested some sites. Ama is great at online research. Over the UV toe drying bar, she suggested a different line of search code. The results were getting closer. I was only able to see pumps and wedges…..several of which made all the ladies at the dry bar giggle about who would be able to walk in those.

After Old Navy, Hallmark and the candy store we set up base camp at the grill in the center of the food court. We ordered and resumed the search.

Using a fresh search string, we reached the correct website! VICTORY! Now all I have to do is find the sandals and check out. OH SNAP! Not for $177.99 ! WTF?!?! I wasn’t looking for a new liver…just something cute to wear with a sundress.

Amazon wasn’t much better (and YES I only searched that site after performing a one woman dramatization of how much I hate that vendor from my patent leather and chrome stool). That only knocked it down by a few bucks. Not even Ebay had a used pair for less than $100.

Who’s dick do I have to suck to get a pair of Donlad J Pliners Daun Slide Sandals…..in red? GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ

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