Is there a degree for demanding what’s right?

Cause I am going to earn one by the end of the summer, if I must deal with this piece of shit vendor.

During a $69K furniture install, it was discovered that two of the little pink folding chairs were damaged in shipment. This was a non-issue for me, as we had several of them on hand, so it wouldn’t affect the project in the least. I notified our representative, that there was no need to replace the damaged products; and requested a credit on the final bill.

The reply I received wasn’t what I was expecting. Rather than this being a simple request, they attempted to explain to me the usual and customary process with regards to contract furniture, and it did not include a refund. OH REALLY? I asked them to send me the document I signed stating I MUST accept every piece of furniture no matter what.

With communication being the main struggle for this entire corporate entity, I had to follow up with all four team members on the thread; and see where we were in the credit process. Since of course, they had no such document to provide as back up. They shared that they sent a picture of the damage to the manufacturer and wait for a resolution from them. I cannot believe that two little pink chairs can cause an entire team to be stumped as to how to handle it.

Today I received an unsolicited update. Once I picked myself up off the floor, I opened the email. This is what it said:

“I wanted to touch base with you regarding the chairs that were damaged during transit to you. In contract furniture, the normal procedure is to replace the damaged items rather than accepting a return. In an effort to provide the best service in a difficult situation we have approval for us to provide a 50% credit which totals $256.30.

Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or call Miss Baker the Vice President of New Business Development 867-5309 if you have any questions. “

Anyone who knows me, knows that I welcome any chance to chat with a VP.

REPLY ALL (the more people I get looped in the bigger the ruckus )

“Thank you for the update.

I am not comfortable with being charged anything.

I feel that it is worth making the following points:
This was a $69,417 project.
Since 2015 we have spent close to $50,000.00
We will be expanding throughout the entire second floor most likely be using your furniture.

The fact that you are not able to clear the charges for two small chairs, seems a little petty in my opinion.

Please provide me with the document I signed, stating I MUST take all product that has been ordered. *** this is my second request and I would like it to be acknowledged or completed*** “

A short time later, I received notice of a credit to our account.

When is graduation?

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