What’s all the fuss about?

Amazon does not work that great for me. I finally gave in and signed up for PRIME so that I could get all the perks that the rich people at Microsoft seem to have.

About 2 weeks ago, I sat at work and made a list of all the HABA items that I needed to run around and gather during lunch. After reviewing the list, I wondered how much of this could be taken care of with one visit to the cyber super store.

In 15 minutes, I had the dish brushes, fiber pills, face wipes, vitamin D and a bag of ZOTS in the virtual cart.

To date….I have received the dish brushes. You did notice that I placed the order two weeks, ago right? I am convinced that they were being brought here from Iraq via courier and they are stuck somewhere, due to the Orange Lords travel ban.

I saved about $2 on the face wipes and Amazon is the only place I have seen 10,000 IU vitamin D’s. Not worth the trouble. It would have been faster to run to Bartells.

Let’s recap:
• I was charged to participate in this Golden Privileged club known as PRIME.
• Everything I bought is manufactured in a third world country
• There is a reason that brick and mortar stores still exist & it is worth the extra dollars

You can poo poo me all you want and try to give pointers as to how to find goods and services that will make it here before Christmas. The point is, the program shouldn’t require training. I should be able to click and get. NOT click, send a money order, have a runner meet them at the border and pay them hourly for their trip here.

If it is this difficult to get a bottle of fucking fiber; Could you imagine if they made it this hard to get food stamps?

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