Epic Send off

Hubz works with an adorable team member (ATM) who has the lamest husband on the planet. Maybe lame is not the right word…oh I got it! Clueless unmotivated fence post (FP). That is a perfect description. I could give you a few examples but I am saving them for a new addition to my blog , coming soon.

She the FP live with his brother Sam. I don’t know Sam but I was invited to a BBQ in his honor. Now we are not going to rag on Sam, because Sam is not well. He is going to move back home to the hospital where he has always received treatment at for the next steps. What we are going to rag on is the epic sendoff that they planned in his honor.

It was mom, dad, FP, ATM and Sam. Along with ATM’s faithful sidekick and lesbian lover, Precious. Hubz and I join in the fun; and a few minutes later two more of ATM’s co-workers show up. So if you are keeping count…It is FP’s family, ATM, 4 of her co-workers and me. The goth twins showed up, told me what they do at work and proceeded to toss out shop talk conversation ideas. I want nothing and I mean NOTHING to do with this company. It just so happens hubz works there, so there is really no escaping it.

The goth twins left shortly after food was served. We waited another 20 minutes before standing up and trying to take off. That is when FP’s called for our attention. He reminded us why we were here and called for the man of the hour to come stand up with him.

He then proceeded to start crying rendering him unable to start or finish whatever he had to say. We sat there awkwardly watching some lumberjack form a sentence. He got out….. “we’ve been through so much man.” And “it just isn’t fair.” Sam said thanks and they hugged.

Complete with flannel, beards and work boots, the only thing we were missing was the overturned car slash grill and lawn chairs with holes for toilets. I need to be a lot more selective about RSVP’s moving forward.

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