Fast Friends and Drinking Partners

When you find a bar that you like to hang out in, you cannot help but make friends with the staff. They learn your drinks, you learn about them as you chat during slow times and you might even make some inside jokes. Or is that just me because I am ridiculously social?

Either way, Carol and I became fast friends. I gave her a beautiful Mother’s day gift because she had shared with me how tough things have been for her family and health wise. The gift cost me nothing and made her day. Which is the only reason I bring little treats to all the friends in my life. I want them to feel as special as I think they are.

I invited her to our candle party one weekend. She RSVP’d….then couldn’t make it because of traffic. I still made sure to save her a goody bag and delivered it to work the next time I was there.

She reached out to me via social media and shared that she really needed a girls night out. So much drama lately, she needed a good laugh. I invited her to one I was already attending (and she knew one or two of them) that weekend. She texted me that she wasn’t feeling well so she needed to cancel.

Last week we came up with the idea to go get pedi’s. She suggested a day or two down the road. I texted her the morning of and asked her what the plan was for the day. She replied around 2ish and said her rent check was due so she had no money to play.

Because I am me….I said “ya know…they can make you pay out the nose for somewhere to store your shit, but they cannot make you live with jacked up feet. My treat! Get your ass up here!” She accepted and said that she would throw on some jeans and be on her way. The plan was for me to go home, change into something that I wouldn’t wear to work and make us a couple of beverages for us to sip on while getting out toes twinkled. She was to call me when she was in the parking lot of my favorite salon.

She texted me that traffic was really bad and she wasn’t going to be able to make it. She suggested Wednesday or Thursday to try it again…..

Towel thrown in! No more chances! You are the weakest link BYE FELICIA! It is sad that I will never be back to my favorite watering hole.

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