Who’s Ready to Party?

I have planned the perfect summer BBQ for the company picnic. We’re going to a privately-owned lake resort that reminds me of the place Dirty Dancing was filmed. Like it was established in in the 60’s and now it is booked 24/7 by millennials planning a “retro” event.

Ordered enough park play toys to keep all the little ones occupied, adult beverages for the grown-ups and an on-site griller to keep everyone full and happy. With every communication (including the original invitation) I provided all the necessary details to the team. I provided parking instructions, details of how to find us once they arrive and included the link to the resorts website; for questions about amenities.

Today is the big day!

First thing this morning was from a MANAGER. She wondered if dogs were allowed. Extremely annoyed, I replied that I did not have time to call and find out. AND wondered if that was covered using the website link I sent. She replied that she would call the resort and find out…and no, it was not covered. I went straight to the website, snipped the TWO places it says no dogs or glass bottles or pets, and sent it to her. A MANAGER! This person is managing a team of people.

In the kitchen, along with the CEO and the CFO, one of the VP’s leans on the counter with his cup of coffee and says “so, what is there to do there?” I looked at him and said “I am very disappointed that, as a VP, you didn’t pay attention to a single communication I sent.” He said his wife was asking. As I left the kitchen, I told him to forward the link. This person manages a DEPARTMENT!

I changed into my bright orange dress and told anyone, come find me if you have questions….and they are $1 each.

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