Night Sweats

No…we are not talking about waking up from your sleep and needing to throw the covers off cause you are hot.

We are not talking about a moist upper lip one in a while.

We are talking about waking up and rolling over to cold sweat pouring down your neck, soaked tank top and wet hair.

Can’t even blame it on menopause or pre-menopause either, which has been confirmed via $118 worth of LabCorp magic. Last night was the worst I have had in a while…my sheets were actually wet! Uncomfortable, embarrassed and definitely at the end of my rope in frustration. So I fixed a glass of ice water and web md’d this shit. Turns out there are several contributors to “The Sweats”.

Anxiety, drug addiction and sleep apnea all add gas to the internal hell fire. Rather than focus on eliminating those, I chose to focus on Pheochromocytoma, Osteomyelitis and Autonomic neuropathy..


No wonder they say that the internet does not make you a doctor. I think I will just go back to bed.

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