It’s just not the same

Taylor River is where all the cool kids went to party in high school. Though I am not sure why it is called Taylor when it is actually the Snoqualmie River…but hey…what do you expect from a public education back in the 90’s.

I wouldn’t dare take the mini blazer up there. It was on an old forest service road and I wasn’t about to take the blame for fucking up the car. First priority of Friday night was to find a ride.

Shit went down at Taylor. I broke my pinky toe running from a crazy man with a gun, I was stranded out there for a couple of hours after the police broke up a bonfire and I friend or two may have smoked pot out there for the first time. I met kids from different high schools, learned to tolerate beer…even lost my virginity (don’t freak out mom…that didn’t happen in high school I promise). I remember it as a great place to just hang out in the woods with your friends….at night….with alcohol.

Well….It’s gone. That shit is PAVED. At 35 mph, it only took us half hour to reach the end of the road; or as far as the Rav could go. Compared to the bobbing and weaving between pot holes at 5 mph with your brights on. The turn off to the sand bar is no longer there….well neither is the sand bar, so I guess that is good. There are pull outs, stop signs and directions to park backed in. There are information boards providing maps of the area and instructions to make your payment for use. A MAP!

It feels like the loss of a part of my youth. When I the only thing I had to worry about was curfew and homework; and I am a little sad about it.

The good news that came out of our somewhat wasted trip to the woods, was that there are places to shit now….and man did I have to go. Funny how your needs change when you get older. Gone are the days when you could just go hide and hover.

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