A much needed laugh

I lost a friend to a drunk driver last week. He was my first boyfriend, took me to my first high-school dance and made for a great summer full of memories. For many reasons we broke up by the time my sophomore year started.

We dated for a little bit after I graduated. I still wasn’t 21 so we would go country line dancing, because it was 18+. I went camping with his family, became close to his sister and survived one hell of a roll over. I don’t remember why…but we stopped seeing each other. I can’t remember if something happened or it was a mutual thing or what. Either way….I have not seen from him since.

My sister lives in the same town as his family and reached out when she heard the news. I soon realized that no matter how long a go a person crossed your path….they did. They are forever part of your story. I spent the next day thinking of all the fun we had.

I reached out to his sister and spend day with her today. It was so good to spend time with someone who knew a part of my story that included him. My husband has been amazing. He knows that this is not a yearning for “what could have been” but rather grief for the loss of a friend.

Turns out it is a good God damn thing I went. When pressured to marry by the last two serious girlfriends, he told them that WE had gotten married but it had been annulled. Once was enough for him. WHAT !?!? That is the funniest fucking thing I have ever heard. There have actually been conversations about his ex wife being his hang-up and I guess no one squashed it.

She says “if anyone asks….just go with it.” Here I thought having slept with his brother was going to make the funeral awkward.

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