Enter…..the wenis

We were all sitting at our favorite watering hole, enjoying some cold beverages and talking out our future plans. Birthday celebrations, summer camping and what to order for dinner. We had been there long enough for 3 baskets of wings and several trips outside and to the restroom.

The evening is slowly winding down…or at least it was for this group of forty somethings (except for Charlie….bitch is still in her 30’s #jelly) so we ordered one last drink and request the bill. Out of no where, Charlie asks “did you know that this is called a wenis?” and she pulled on the saggy skin at the tip of her elbow.

The next 20 minutes must have been super annoying for the rest of the bar. We immediately started rubbing our wenis’s on each other. Calling out that we were putting our wenis’s in each others drink; even boasting about having two wenis’s for double the fun. There were accusations of being offended at someone showing the other their wenis. Threats about the harm a wenis could do if provoked and many many many requests to stop because it was damn near impossible to avoid ab cramps from laughing in a crowded booth.

At the end of the evening Hubz and I were joking about how hysterical it would be to let Mini in on the new term. I mean….Wikipedia says it is a think (though merely slang) so there shouldn’t be any fall out from her sharing it at school. But then again, I can’t even show a man in a banana hammock without being accused of spreading porn; Imagine the fall out if I were to share the wenis. We brainstormed how to get this information to her without it coming back to me. We could mail a postcard with just that word as the message, we could use the bat line to text it to her OR

We could just tell Papa! Done 😉

We also told Charlie that next time….she should lead with that fun fact next time.

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