Not reality TV

This is reality office. We just have the one star…his name is Mumbles. Mumbles likes to narrate his every fucking move. Like we can’t see he is putting a fork in the dishwasher…he has to tell us. As I unpacked the Wednesday bagels (YA! they can’t even wait till I am done) here is Mumbles opening scene.

Mumbles enters the kitchen. It is just him and I……..


Oh. It’s bagel day. Let’s see what I am going to have today. Ooooo so many choices. Do I want multi grain ooooooooor YES! SALT! I love salt bagels. I never get in here before they are taken. Today must be my lucky day. Now, I am going to need a knife for the cream cheese. Hummm I think they are riiiiiight here…. Perfecto! Just gonna grab one. Ooops what is that little guy doing jumping out of the box. Puuuuuuut that one back. Just need one. WOW! look at the cream cheese choices. I am going to try toasting it today. They look so good toasted but I never do that. Hmmmmmmm the bagel isn’t cut all the way. Gonna need a big knife for this ha ha ha Is it in this drawer? no. Is it this drawer? Yes! gold! I should probably use a cutting board. Don’t want to mess up the counter with crumbs.

I couldn’t not get out of there fast enough. He’s married. OMG! Do you think he talks out EVERYTHING?

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