Say my name Say my name

“Hi [first_name],”

Believe it or not, this is the way a marketing emails starts out from Bite Squad. In this new campaign, they are attempting to re-connect with clients who haven’t ordered in a while; or in my case, someone who was so irritated after the first interaction…hasn’t been back.

It goes on to read:

“Did you know that you’re our favorite customer?! Okay, you’re *one of our favorite* customers. But it’s been a while; when can we hang out again?…”

How on earth can I be their favorite customer if they don’t even know my name? Back when I did marketing for my own business, I used names to connect with my clients. My have times changed. Now that customers are nameless….do we start kicking them when they make a purchase?

I do however have $10 off my next order, and $10 already in there for their shitty service. If anyone wants my log in lemme know.

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