Um….hello? anyone there?

for $350 a month there better be!

I received an email on the 16th of this month that was very confusing. It didn’t tell me if there was a problem nor what to do about it if there was. It further said that if I had any questions, to please reach out via email or phone. I called the number listed and let them know I had questions, that the notice was unclear and if there was a problem with our account, for them to please return my call.

The next day, after not receiving a phone call, I followed up with an email to the address provided. I let them know that I had left a message but not received the courtesy of a phone call in return so I was reaching out one last time, to ask that they call me if there was a problem with our account.

Last night…THE 25TH…I received an email in return stating that the email was an update to the policy and if I have had no changes to the billing method, I could ignore it. BUT if there is a change in the future, to please follow the procedure. Got it.

Today THE 26TH I received a phone call letting me know that they were returning my call. I said “WOW that was a while ago.” She went on to tell me about how backed up they are because of that email. NO SHIT! When you don’t make it clear whether there is an action item…you are going to cause a few phone calls SEATAC? DUH! Park a few cars do ya? I went on to explain that I had received a reply to my email last night so my questions have been answered. “you sent an email? Okay, I will reply to that for you.”

Not exactly the validation for demanding we raise minimum wage in this individual’s specific area, so that employees could earn a fare wage. It didn’t work….we are still getting what we pay for. Just costs more for the shitty service.

I re-stated that I already got the email. I didn’t have any further questions. And once again how shocked I was at the level of support for this program. Didn’t stick around for the rebuttal…. but did wish her a great weekend before I hung up.

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