Funny AF

“AF” has become a frequent expression used between Hubz and I. It is clean talk for “as fuck”.


Driver: “do you like the paint job?”
Passenger: “yeah man. It is cool AF!”

So now when I forget to use my filter and say the actual words, Hubz and replies with an “AF”; with a Fonzie flare. (hopefully you are all old enough to know who am taking about)

Last night, Hubz posed a RIDICULOUS question from the bathroom that caused such hysterics, it made it impossible to complete the task he had set out to do in there. He came to bed and announced “look! My stomach hurts; so I am going to need you to be cool. Just be cool okay?”
Me: “OH I am going to be cool. Cool AF!”
Which lead to such hysterics that he threw back the covers and left the room.

I love him so much!

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