Not sure what to call this

I am the middle child. I can be loud, embarrassing and celebrate my ridiculous sense of humor. On social media I maintain a blog, 2 Instagram accounts and Facebook. On every one of them I post my feelings, my thoughts, things I find as funny and anything else I steal from a friend.

In order to follow any of these channels, you MUST accept me for me. You MUST be able to scroll through my feeds and accept that they contain my opinions, thoughts and things I find funny. You don’t have to. I am usually not asking for your feedback…but those who comment seem to get it. If it is offensive, they seem to be able to skip that post.

I have “friends” who post stupid shit, political opinions and child rearing advice tips. I don’t what to see them….so I HIDE them. I don’t outcast, call out or ridicule them for details on THEIR page. There is also an option to exclude people from ever seeing post you don’t want them to. That is how I have side stepped being shamed by family members, who should keep their shitty little comments to themselves.

It is not my fault, doing or intention to have my feelings, likes or interactions are forced on those who are following me. If I like, comment or share something, I cannot help it if the action is advertized. If I like a nude picture, thumbs up a cannabis article or are interested in an event nearby…no matter how inappropriate. I am sorry not sorry that media told you.

So you can imagine the fury when I was called out at Sunday dinner for the pictures I posted of a boylesque show. And while the topic was on the table, it was suggested that I should consider the age of my followers and give a second thought as to if it is appropriate.

I rolled my eyes and defended the position that I shouldn’t have to. The final argument from the opposing team was “I have to be a parent.” I agree.

Wikipedia defines parenting as the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, financial and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.

If you choose to allow your child to have a social media account YOU are responsible for what they see. What are you going to do…take on every poster? Lecture them about what you feel is appropriate? While you are at it…call every advertiser on TV? Confront everyone who you feel is wearing something, saying something, watching or listening to something that you wish to protect your child from?

Much like my trucker mouth, it is a parenting opportunity. Have a conversation with your little one about the difference between appropriate and inappropriate. Explain the post….eventually they are going to find out about Marijuana, sex and how much of a fucking douche bag our President is. Why not let them learn from you?

DO NOT TRY TO PARENT ME! My mother told me that when I had my own house, I could do whatever I want…and I am going to do just that.

I took care of it…..blocked the whole damn family!

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