Fast and the Fabulous

I like to play a game with other cars on the road. Not a game they know is going on; but a great way to entertain myself during the car concert on a long drive.
Two rules….and they are simple.

1) You must drive just as you would normally without breaking too many laws. Like if you always drive about 5 miles over, you can still do that. Don’t race the dude at 80.
2) You cannot aggravate or frustrate the other driver in any way. If they want to speed, you must let them. Don’t be a dick and box them in.

Recently on a jaunt north there was a dark explorer who tried to pass me using the carpool lane (he was a legit carpool). In the collector distributor lane, my light happened to turn green in enough time to take the lead. And we were off.

I maneuvered perfectly from one freeway to another. Merged in a perfect scissor manner with my new friends and transitioned flawlessly into the express lanes. All while keeping an eye on the explorer to see how they were keeping up. They were creeping closer.

Unfortunately, I got stuck behind a CRX doing just under 60, and not enough room to get over; the explorer passed me. Game over…they won.

Only the game though. Jokes on them really. The toll lanes are at $8 this time of night. I ride this bitch for FREE! Happy 4th!!

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