During a recent trip to the hottest place on the planet (TX), I tried on everything I brought, trying to find something to wear to various shindigs. I noticed that the outfits became intolerable when the bra went on. To hell with it. I have boobs. No one is going to be shocked when they see them and it is common for them to move on occasion.

I think I’ll let the girls out. Like free range chickens. Healthy and happy to flop around as they let gravity take over their day to day activity. Now I am not talking all hippy like, along with no longer shaving the pits or legs and never getting a hair cut again. I am merely addressing the decision to never be confined by underwire again.

I also brought with me a camisole that I thought would be a sexy little treat for some hotel action once reunited with Hubs. Turns out this little item, that I have owned for over 10 years, was the most perfect fruit basket for my cantaloupes. It has a little shape to it, it does not create back rolls and it is made of a mesh material allowing for maximum air flow.

Of course since it has been 10 years, I am having a difficult time locating any. The lady at Macy’s was sorry she asked me what I was looking for. She listened to me describe it…and spent the rest of our time together getting her suggestions shot down. Lane Bryant was no better. Soma? Nope Nordy’s? Nope Ross, Marshall’s, Fred Meyers….nope nope and nope.

I won’t give up looking for this Disneyland of breast comfort. I just might have to get creative. I wonder how many band aids it would take to hold them down in place until then 😊

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