Alternate Profit

Amazon and Best Buy failed this course, yet they continue to be leaders in the market.

Tasked with amassing an army of 350 echo dots for a media launch, I reached out to both retailers looking for assistance with such a large purchase. I wasn’t looking for special pricing, free shipping or anything but the product. I just needed a pallet. Amazon limited the online quantity to 24…but the next day dropped it to 5. Best Buy followed suit allowing just 5 to be ordered at a time.

Not easily deterred I built a collection of over 200……5 at a time. Fed Ex and UPS were so tired of coming here. It’s a good thing I flirt my ass off making it worth their while 😊

When I logged onto Amazon for my daily review of clearance jewelry, their front page was noting a flashy promotion. If you bought 3 dots…they would take $20 off.
All they had to do was sell me what I wanted at the price they wanted. But they decided to say no to me and offer it cheaper to the rest of the world.

This business plan makes as much sense as the outcome of the 2016 election.

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