Participation is REQUIRED :(

I received a phone call from my doctor’s office, letting me know that my insurance provider had denied a claim so they would be changing the status to patient’s responsibility and sending me a bill. OH HELL NO…

I called Aetna and after verifying everything down to what my preferred style of panties are, they were finally able to answer my questions. In response to “why in the hell would you deny payment for an office visit?!?”…some poor representative, who’s first day on the phone was today, asked if I had any other insurance besides Aenta. NOPE. “Okay, I will re-submit the bill for payment.”

WAIT A DAMN MINUTE! You refused to pay a bill until I called in and told you YOU were my insurance company? What kind of fucking sense does that make? While I had her on the phone, I verified that they will be sending payment to my doctor and there won’t be a need for me to call in again and verbally authorize any future claims. She said no.

Yesterday I got a bill from my doctor. It said I owed $15.47 for the visit. In the next envelope, I got a check for $15.47 from Aetna. WTF!?! I have been off the phone for 15 minutes, and am still not sure I understand what they said. Here are the items I was able to decipher using google translate:

Yes, that is a valid bill from my doctor’s office.
The immunization was covered at 100% so out of my co-pay, this was a refund.

I told her that this is NOT how I anticipated my coverage working. See in my mind you go to the doctor, pay your co pay, they bill your insurance, apply your deductible plus that the insurance company’s payment to the ledger and you are on the hook for the rest. Nope! Not with Aetna.

They drag their feet to even pay a claim for 4 MONTHS after you verify there is no one else on the earth they should bill. Then they short the payment for an item that should have been covered at 100% and send you a check for the different. You are to deposit the check then turn around and send it to your doctor.

My insurance plan was easier to understand on from the ACA exchange. I would offer to grow a dick so Aetna can suck it….but that would probably create a billing nightmare.

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