Executive Assistant #FAIL

The boss man eats the same sandwich from Jimmy Johns every time.  #1, wheat bread, light mayo. Due to a SIGNIFICANT decrease in service level from our local store, I have recently begun to go get them myself vs. using their “Freakishly Fast” service…Which they are not! It is faster and less expensive and I get a break from the office.  It’s just better this way.

I ran to get a couple of sammies for a new hire and training team.  After I pulled into the parking spot, I realized I should have asked HMFIC if he needed lunch.  I checked my email for the usual emailed request and didn’t see anything.  Ya know….I am just going to get him one anyway.  How awesome am I going to look when I happen to have just what he wanted the moment he wanted it?  SO GOOD!

When I got back to the office, I noticed his car wasn’t there. I walked in and the lights were off in his office.  OH that’s right! He and the sales team were on site at clients.”  I checked his calendar and he wasn’t back due back until after 1:30pm.  He never eats that late.

I enjoyed my free lunch while I made travel and accommodation arrangements, sent virtual meeting requests and ordered the cakes for the company event next week.  The team arrived back and came through the front door all smiles from a successful trip.  I welcomed them back and told the big wig there was a FedEx package on his desk; needing to be sent off today after his signature.  He said “Great!  Oh hey….can you get me a sandwich?”

I popped the last bite in my mouth, grabbed my purse and headed out.  Damn…..


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