Our friends reached out to see if we had plans for the evening.  They were on their way to a bowling event later, but wanted to know if we could meet for drinks beforehand.  We decided on one of our favorite spots downtown and enjoyed their company for a bit.

Apparently it had been a while so they were really looking forward to meeting up with their league; and asked us if we were interested in bowling.  I said that my wrist had been bugging me so we should pass.  They said that I didn’t have to bowl.  It was a great group, so I could just hang out and watch.  I said I had worn the wrong outfit to be sitting around a bowling alley, so again, we were going to pass.  I noticed the time and suggested that if they were going to have enough time with their friends, we’d better let them get to it.

Hubz…..ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS to the body language and conversation going on around him, suggested that we go upstairs for more conversation and drinks. I asked Hubz as I turned around, “What are you doing? Why are you trying to keep them from getting on with their evening?”  He obviously thought I was having a conversation with myself as he proceeded to guide us onto the escalator and up to another bar.  Our friends must have misunderstood what was going and agreed to tag along.  Realizing that they weren’t going to be able to convince us to join them at the alley, they said they’d better get going.  DUH!  And right back down the escalator we went.  I was so embarrassed.

This had happened one other time.  Hubz KNOWS I am submissive when it comes to group activities (unless of course it is my birthday).  Last time he let the entire table take turns trying to convince me to do something that I have shot down 6 times already; IN THE SAME CONVERSATION.  This morning I asked why he didn’t support me.  I got a shit ton of “I don’t know.” And “I thought….”  How could you not know when I am saying it over and over and over?

I explained to him my disappointment that he had fallen down on the job twice now.  If he wasn’t going to pay enough attention to me to, AT THE VERY LEAST know I am not interested in any after party activities; I was going to have to take the lead.

Next time anyone repeat request is made I am going to stand up, grab Kate and declare “I have already told you NO, now I am going to leave. SHE’s coming with me!.  Come along dear.”

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