Brown Chicken Brown Cow

I have wanted to make a sexy time play list.  Hubz and I have the exact opposite in music tastes, which is what has been cause the delay.  I found a song a while ago; but looping that over and over and over is counterproductive.

You can’t just type in “sexy music either” ; so I decided to use the first year of high school.  There were some good jams in middle school, but that will only remind me of crying my eyes out on the top bunk because Kenny Studebaker wouldn’t “go” with me.  I spent the whole afternoon on the couch searchin iTunes.  I ended up downloading Madonna, Genuine, High 5, Firehouse and Marc Anthony.

On a trip up north the next day, I took over as DJ; to give Hubz a taste of what’s to come. I asked him to listen to the music and imagine what we would be doing.  Kissing? Foreplay? Ripping clothes off?  He had a look on his face like he smelled a fart and said “I can’t think of anything!”  WHAT?!?  I have personally grooved with many many men on the dance floor to these songs.  I know for a FACT they are sexy!

Just to prove him wrong, I came to bed that night with my phone and the Bose speaker.  I fired up the playlist and hit shuffle.  Wouldn’t you know it, he was right.  I spent a lot of time skipping to the next song cause they were all so fucking annoying.

I guess I am going to have to record some from porn.


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